Project Description


Amazon whole LED light to the United States

Miss Jiang in Zhejiang contacted our blue cow and said she would arrange for a 40hq. There are about 68 parties of lamps to be sent to Amazon warehouses in the United States and need to be sent to two Amazon addresses.

According to the specific cargo Information provided by Miss Jiang, our Blue Bull colleague quoted the price to Miss Jiang. As soon as Miss Jiang heard the price, she thought it was right and arranged for us.

We arranged for 08-08 to be installed in Zhongshan and put back to Yantian. Then arrange for the customs declaration, the declaration is normally released, just in time for the sailing date 08-15, after 14 days of voyage goods finally arrived in Los Angeles, United States.
In the meantime, we sent the case slip and invoice to the American company in advance so that they could clear the customs clearance materials in advance. Upon completion of customs clearance in Hong Kong, the agent makes an appointment with the Amazon ID according to the information provided by us.

After the appointment is sent to the Amazon warehouse, this process is completed. The customer is very satisfied. He only needs to provide the Amazon address and appointment ID, the cargo box receipt invoice, and nothing else.