Project Description


KTV full decoration building materials shipping to the United States door to door DDP service

Customer: Chinese American customers
Goods: Building materials for KTV decoration
At the end of 2017, the cooperative customers introduced a Chinese-American customer, Li Zong. The goods of Li Zong are all the products required for the KTV project. There are many categories of purchase lists, and there are still 48 product names after classification. There are 12 suppliers, and they do not include suppliers from Taobao. Need to start from Shenzhen to Atlanta, GA, door to door DDP service.

For this type of customer, we provide the solution: transport all the goods of the supplier to our Yantian warehouse, arrange the unified loading after the goods are finished, arrange one ticket and two cabinets for delivery, arrange the customs clearance and delivery after the goods arrive in the United States. door.

The customer’s goods include a large sofa (light goods) + tile (heavy goods), two extremes, one is larger but lighter, one is smaller but heavier, so we put the two goods in half to meet The US local limit is 19.9ton/40HQ.

The biggest difficulty of this shipment is the customs clearance in the United States. Some of the stage equipment products of the guests need to constantly confirm with the suppliers whether they contain lasers. Is there any FDA certification? In addition, there are too many product categories, and it is necessary to specify in advance the customs clearance of the United States to confirm whether it can be received. After several times of communication confirmation, the customs clearance line replies: can be received.

This guest is a Chinese American, has no import experience, will not do packing list, invoice, bill of lading information, customs clearance documents, etc. Each step is a salesman and team members to help operate, contact each supplier to confirm the goods good time, Delivery time, collect each packing list, arrange booking, loading, customs declaration, check with the shipping company, bill of lading, customs clearance at the port of destination, step by step, very clear, everything is very smooth.

When the goods arrived in Hong Kong, the consignee suddenly reported that there was no unloading platform in the US warehouse. I asked if we could provide the Lift gate. Since this order is arranged for the whole cabinet transportation, it is impossible to provide the Lift gate. Will carry the Lift gate. Later, the customer concentrated on the wisdom, and he made a dumping platform and unloaded the goods smoothly! ! !