Project Description


Importance of insurance

Cause: the customer did not purchase insurance! Hey! Hey! The original ordinary vote of goods, due to force majeure suffered a fire, embarrassed.
1, give the customer a preventive injection first, there will be the following situations:
A The goods are in good condition and the customers bear the general average. The goods are normally delivered to the customers in the destination port.
B The goods were partially damaged, the customer bore general average, and the goods were delivered to the customer at the port of destination.
C Goods damaged, customers abandoned goods, shipowners destroyed, no subsequent processing costs. (However, a series of blood and sweat shipments such as freight charges were all in vain)
2, the customer expressed understanding of the situation, we asked to fully assist in the follow-up. Division I through contact port owner, destination port East, destination port agent, transit port agent, sea damage organization and a series of personnel, which lasted three months, the final confirmation of damage to the goods, customers had no choice but to abandon the goods.
If the customer has purchased the insurance initially, the insurance company will assist the customer to confirm the condition of the goods and finally deal with them. The customer can also save a lot of trouble and save a large loss!