Project Description


Non-woven fabric and packaging film exported to Iran

Customer Type: Foreign Trade Company
Product: Non-woven fabric, packaging film
One of the customers who cooperated with Iran last year was a foreign trade company with non-woven fabrics and packaging films.
Customers purchase from all areas of Guangdong, there are at least 7 out of the address of the cargo container, the most important requirement of the customer is that the cabinet must be full, there can be no space left.

Because the shape of the goods is different, the data given by the factory is also very theoretical. In the actual loading, there will be problems of dissatisfaction or unloading. When the first time the cabinet is installed, the experience is not enough, and the cabinet will press the night and cut the seal. The situation has also increased the delivery cost of the factory. After the first experience, we will install several cabinets for at least two days to install the cabinets. The products of the same shape should be arranged as much as possible. Although the factory is not our customer, I will also consider the distribution cost of the factory.

The cabinet address that is arranged as much as possible is relatively close to each factory. After the first day of the goods is full, look at the remaining situation and deliver the goods to other loading addresses.

This arrangement will reduce the distribution fee caused by the temporary dispatch of goods, and also reduce the time for loading the cabinet. The cabinet can be installed completely every time, in line with the requirements of customers, and the customer is very satisfied with our arrangement.