Project Description


Shenzhen customer high-end clothing shipped to Germany by sea

The client commissioned us to hang out the wardrobe, arrange for the trailer customs declaration. The first is that SO needs to determine with the ship’s department how many bars are required to hang the wardrobe, and how many ropes will be on each bar, such as this cabinet: a total of 22 rope poles, each rope rod There are 20 ropes, there are 10 knots on each rope, There will be 20 bags of damp-proof beads and a layer of plastic cloth in the cabinet.

When entrusting the driver to lift the cabinet, open the box to take photos and confirm whether there is a number of requirements. When loading the cabinet, it will take a long time. Note the overtime fee. Declaration normal declaration can be. Choose blue cattle, we provide you with professional literacy such services, let you feel at ease.