Project Description


40HQ special cabinet machinery and equipment shipped from Yantian Port, Shenzhen to Bangladesh

In the first half of 2016, they received business cards from Bangladeshi customers at the exhibition and learned that they mainly export mechanical products. Sometimes they need to use special cabinets. After about half a year or so, they contacted and followed up. There were also some inquiries in the middle. Finally, the first order was made in June 2017, and 5 * 40 ‘HQ cabinets were exported to Indonesia.

The next is the place where the ordering of warehouses, special cabinets and general cabinets are not the same, that is, after the marketing department makes an inquiry to the shipping company, it must make a good contract with the shipping company before ordering the warehouse, otherwise there is no way to proceed with the next step of ordering and releasing the warehouse. Has been rushing the position, and then the contract was completed and the position was finally put down.

Because the destination port customers are waiting for the machine to produce the goods, they are very anxious to obtain the goods, so I and my operating logistics colleagues are particularly tight. After arranging the trailer, the team was also told to make a cabinet order as soon as possible. On the day before the cabinet was installed, the team was again asked to confirm whether the counter list was good, whether the dock had a cabinet, whether there was a cabinet, and so on. Because the number of special cabinets at the dock is very limited, it is very worried about the lack of cabinets at the dock.

The ticket was actually exported from Yantian Port. The team said that the cabinet was lifted in Yantian and there were cabinets at the dock, but there would be a different fee. When I heard this, I wondered, I said that if the cabinet singles in the snake mouth cabinet will have a different mention, how can there be a different fee in Yantian cabinet? As a result, the team said that these cabinets were returned to the Shekou Terminal, from the Shekou Exit, and also sent out the returned paper to show us, and then said, “SO shows the Yantian Exit, and the counters are returned to the Shekou Terminal.”. This time I immediately understood what was going on. It was definitely a problem with the shipping company or the dock system. SO put the Yantian exit boat and returned the name of the Yantian ship to be displayed on the paper. The returning dock was shown as the Shekou Pier. Serious problems were discovered instantaneously. In fact, this problem team should be discovered. If the wrong team is responsible. However, it is not too late to find out that the team was not immediately held accountable. At that time, it was almost 5 PM. In order not to delay the customer’s installation on the second day, the team was normally asked to go to the factory to install the cabinet the next day. The operation colleagues returned the information of the paper return system to the shipping company on the same day. On the second morning, the cabinet was normally installed in the factory, and the shipping company system had been revised to correctly “return the dock to Yantian Port”. After the installation of the cabinet in the day, it was successfully returned to Yantian Port according to the correct exit terminal.

A false alarm, a difference of thought may lead to great disaster! Later export declarations, check bills of lading, etc. are relatively smooth, the cabinets are normally loaded on board, arrive at the port of destination in time, and the consignee mentions the goods in time. The customer found it very convenient to hand over the goods to us and was very satisfied.